Format: One hour (non-commercial) television documentary
Producer: Pickwood River Films (Earle de Blonville)
Director & Cinematographer: Mike Boland CSC
Sound Recordist: Greg Burgmann
Editor: Tony Paterson
Worldwide distribution: Discovery Channel (US), BBC (UK), ABC (Aust), plus broadcasters in Canada, South America, Europe and South Africa.

Synopsis: Australia's first expedition to the Arctic, travelling by sea kayaks and led by Earle de Blonville, sought to retrace Gino Watkins' 1931 open boat journey down the remote East Greenland coast. After an almost disastrous stormy crossing of the North Atlantic, the expedition missed the short Arctic summer and was tossed headlong into a survival epic, racing to beat the onset of winter and escape Greenland's rapidly freezing seas. A hurricane washed all the kayakers' food and equipment into the sea and, during an agonising week-long snowstorm, they faced death from hunger and cold. Later, during another hurricane, their yacht was totally disabled and left drifting amongst massive icebergs. The team narrowly escaped death for the fourth time and caught the last plane out before the airport was closed.

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